Hi there

My name is Bjarne Slipsager and I am a Associate lecturer (Dk: Lektor) in Multimedia Design and Webdevelopment at
Business Academy Lillebaelt, Odense.

Linkedin billede

My email is bjsl@eal.dk
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tiefield

This is my Linkedin profile page

I am very interessede in subjects like:

1.Front-end development
(PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Scrum, System development), Drupal and WordPress

2.UX design (Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Lean UX, Usability testing, Analytics, UI-design, Sound design)

3.Innovation process
(UCD, Design thinking, Lean Startup, Innovation Management)




In my spare time I love to play music



And get involved in different kinds of creative projects.